Preserve The Joints

Since its foundation around ten years back by our President Dr Deepak Goyal; Indian Cartilage Society (ICS) has seen ever-growing interest amongst medical fraternity about cartilage science. ICS executive committee feels that we had been somehow successful in creating awareness about cartilage repair amongst orthopedic community of India. At the same time it is felt that other medical fraternities and general public are not aware of the concept of cartilage repair. For a common man, knee pain is still akin to future knee replacement; irrespective of age, profession and other variables. The same is also true for many colleagues of medical fraternity who are not directly exposed to the science of joint preservation.

ICS need to go on a larger platform where it can spread the message of joint preservation amongst medical fraternity and also amongst common people. To achieve the target of creating awareness about joint preservation, Dr Goyal has declared Presidential theme of the year 2015-2017 as…..


ICS is very enthusiast with this presidential theme. ICS plans to do various awareness activities during next two years so that people are educated about the concept of joint preservation.

ICS President Deepak Goyal Preserve The Joints- Presidential Theme

One of such activity was conducted during the 3rd Congress of Indian Cartilage Society. Orthopedic Surgeons, Knee Joint Surgeons and other delegates from India as well as abroad; had a very nice two days of learning and teaching related to the joint preservation. They also took part in a photo session where they concurred with the science of Joint Preservation.

Find your doctor below who has learned the science and is now ready to “Preserve the Joints”.

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