The Founder President

Nishith Shah

Dr. Nishith Shah,
Past President, Indian Cartilage Society

Dr. Nishith Shah is one of the leading and a pioneer arthroscopists of India who started his exclusive arthroscopy practice in 1989 at Ahmedabad. He is an academician by heart and have participated in all the congresses of Indian cartilage society as well as Indian arthroscopy society [IAS] as a faculty since inception of Indian arthroscopy society. He was the first Indian doctor to be selected as a traveling fellow by Arthroscopy Association of North America [AANA) in 1998. He is keenly interested in management of  knee ligament and cartilage injuries especially in pediatric age group. He was one of the first arthroscopists in India to perform mosaicplasty surgery for articular cartilage defect in medial femoral condyle after removal of loose body in a young patient.
He has followed up few cases of Autologous cartilage implantation [ACI] surgeries for more than five years in Indian patients. Beside knee, he also does arthroscopic surgeries of Shoulder, Ankle, Wrist, Elbow and Hip. Dr. Shah has presented more than 50 scientific research papers internationally as well as in India. He has also published papers on Management of knee ligament injuries in international journals. He is an author of book chapter ” Revision ACL and PCL reconstruction ligament surgery” in a book on knee surgery. His center, Aash Arthroscopy Center at Ahmedabad is a teaching center for many budding orthopedic surgeons who wish to learn arthroscopy and sports medicine. Dr. Shah is attached to a teaching institutes at Ahmedabad as an arthroscopist for more than 20 years.
Beside arthroscopy, Dr. Shah is a keen sportsman, an avid cyclist, photographer and an explorer.