The Founder

Founder  Dr Deepak Goyal Dr Deepak Goyal


Dr Deepak Goyal is a graduate of Gujarat University (1991) from Ahmedabad, India. He did his Masters in Orthopedics (1995) from Sheth KM School of Postgraduate Medicine & Research, India. He is also Diplomat of National Board, New Delhi. He has been trained in UK, France, Sweden and Hungary for various Knee Joint Surgeries. His fellowships included training under some of the leading Knee Surgeons of the Europe like Prof Lars Peterson, Prof Mats Brittberg, Prof David DeJour and Prof Laszlo Hangody.


Dr Deepak Goyal, who is the founder of Indian Cartilage Society, had also served as Board Member of ‘International Cartilage Research Society (ICRS)’ from 2009-2010. During his tenure in ICRS, he contributed actively in “ICRS restructure committee”. He was also Chairman of an ICRS committee, called “Committee for Developing Regions”. Dr Goyal, is also been appointed as Member of “Cartilage Committee” of European Society of Sports Traumatology, Knee surgery and Arthroscopy-ESSKA and he is serving the committee since 2010.


He was selected for ‘ESSKA Arthroscopy Scholarship’ in 2005, and then for ‘ESSKA Arthroplasty Fellowship’ in 2009. He is also winner of ‘Dr K P Shrivastava National Gold Medal’ by Indian Orthopedic Association for his study on Cartilage Regeneration in 2005. He also won ‘Best Paper Award’ and ‘Best Poster Award’ of Indian Arthroscopy Society in 2008. He was Chairman of Scientific Committee of 8th Annual Congress of Indian Arthroscopy Society. He was also Chairman of 1st Congress of Indian Cartilage Society, held in 2011.


He is presently involved in private practice and owns a Knee Clinic, “Saumya: Center for Advanced Surgeries of the Knee Joint”, at Ahmedabad, India. His active interest is in Cartilage and Patellofemoral Joint. His major publications include, “The Superficial Quad Technique for MPFL Reconstrcution” with AJSM, “Considerations of Religious Sentiments while Selecting a Biological Product for Knee Arthroscopy” with ESSKA, “Towards Complete Knee Repair” with Arthroscopy Journal. He has been invited as faculty worldwide and has taken more than 20 faculty lectures in countries like; Japan, Spain, Switzerland, Norway, Hungary, Korea, Singapore, Iran, Pakistan etc. He has presented more than 90 research papers and presentations.