ICS Centers of Excellence

ICS Centers of Excellence

Indian Cartilage Society (ICS) is delighted to start a new initiative called ‘ICS Domestic Cartilage Fellowship Program,’ from January 2019. This program is aimed to provide fellowship opportunities to the selected fellows, with Indian Surgeons at their respective centers of excellence. These centers will be called as ‘ICS Centers of Excellence.’

We invite the applications from interested ICS members who wish to accept the ICS fellows at their respective hospitals for teaching, training, and research. Kindly download the form below and send us a scanned copy of it at cartilage@knee.in. The ICS Executive Committee will enlist your center on the ICS website, after due scrutiny of the application.

The form is available in member’s area at the following link. Kindly login to member’s page thru your login credentials and download the form.

ICS Center of Excellence Application Form

All the selected centers in a particular city will form the part of a single ‘ICS Domestic Cartilage Fellowship Program.’ The selected fellows will internally rotate to different surgeons (4-5) in that city, during their fellowship month. It would give the fellow an opportunity to see the work of different senior surgeons in that city. At the same time, it would take away the burden of hosting the fellow for an entire month, by a single surgeon.

Please note, that there would be no remuneration provided to the ICS centers of excellence. The ICS fellows would look after themselves for their accommodation, travel, and food during their fellowship tenure, through an ICS fellowship grant. Participating ICS hosts should extend any help required for sorting out the logistics for the fellow.