Foundation of Indian Cartilage Society


The dream of founding Indian Cartilage Society was envisaged by Dr Deepak Goyal in 2004, during his visit to Budapest, Hungary. However, he didn’t have much opportunity to implement the dream idea for nearly a year. In the 2nd week of October’ 2005, he conveyed his idea to Dr Mats Brittberg, while sipping a cup of coffee in his chamber at Kungsbacka, Sweden. It was like a big dream of a fresher, being poured in front of the Stalwart of Cartilage. Dr Mats Brittberg not only liked the idea but encouraged Dr Goyal with ways to implement that. He also promised to be with the society always, if such a society is born.

Finally the society was formerly launched by Dr Deepak Goyal in December’ 2005. But for a few weeks, he was the only member of the society with no-one agreeing to the concept of cartilage repair! Later a few friends liked the idea and agreed to join the society. These people were Dr Nishith Shah, Dr Sunil Kulkarni and Dr Swarnendu Samanta.

Nothing much happened till 2009 with a few more orthopedic surgeons agreeing to the concept of cartilage repair. However, efforts to increase activities of Indian Cartilage Society gained momentum with the announcement of Indian Arthroscopy Society’s (IAS) annual congress in Ahmedabad. Dr Nishith Shah, organizing secretary of IAS Congress accepted Dr Deepak Goyal’s proposal to allow him to organize first Cartilage Workshop of India; as pre-conference workshop of IAS. He also accepted Dr Goyal’s request to become 1st President of the society.

The first Cartilage Workshop was a big success under chairmanship of Dr Goyal; with five international faculties, three national faculties, lectures, interactive discussions, case presentations, live surgeries and hands-on models. There were many delegates who peeked-in from adjoining simultaneous workshops in the cartilage workshop, leading to overflowing cartilage workshop hall.

This “Cartilage Workshop” on the eve of IAS was important for Indian Cartilage Society, because it created lots of awareness amongst members of Indian Arthroscopy Society towards Cartilage Lesions and Repair. This also encouraged many members to join Indian Cartilage Society and paved the way for formal activities of the society.

Lisa Fortier, the then President of International Cartilage Repair Society; accepted Indian Cartilage Society as affiliated chapter. Indian Cartilage Society was also accepted as chapter of Indian Arthroscopy Society during General Body Meeting of IAS held during October 2009.

Indian Cartilage Society hails its heroes; Dr Deepak Goyal (Founder), Dr Nishith Shah (First President), Dr Mats Brittberg (Honorary Member), its founding members and role of Ahmedabad!!