1st Cartilage Workshop, Ahmedabad, 2009

The first ever Cartilage Workshop of South Asia was organised at Ahmedabad, India on 1st November’ 2009. Dr Deepak Goyal, Founder of Indian Cartilage Society and Dr Nishith Shah, President of the society; organised this workshop as a preconference workshop associated with 8th Annual Congress of Indian Arthroscopy Society. Mats Brittberg, Laszlo Hangody, Ramon Cugat, Deepak Goyal, S Arumugam, S J Kim etc were some of the faculties, to name a few.

The workshop had lectures on basic science of cartilage repair, discussion on ICRS classification, imaging of chondral lesions, presentations of various techniques like mosaicplasty, ACI, MACI, 3rd Generation ACI, cartilage Substitutes etc. There were two live surgeries; mosaicplasty and ACI. In the end, there were hands on exercises on dry models. Close Alex models were provided to do various exercises like, familiarization with cartilage lesion, grading of cartilage lesions, various sites and methods to take cartilage biopsy. There were saw bones/ cartilage models to do the exercises like harvesting osteochondral plugs, osteochondral transfers, membrane preparation for ACI and suturing on cartilage defects, cells transfer in membrane covered defect, microfractures etc.

Over 60 delegates from different cities of India attended the workshop. Indian Cartilage Society received excellent feedback from elegates; some of them demanded more such workshops in near future.

Looking to the response, Indian Cartilage Society planed to have a membership drive and various awareness programs thru out India in 2010-11. Indian Cartilage Society also planned to do various workshops in capital cities of different states of India. It also looked forward to host “ICRS World   Series-2011” in India.